Well-Being & Self-Care Therapy in Durham - Chapel Hill, NC


Therapy / life coaching can be a wonderful space from which to examine what makes life meaningful, to identify and build upon one's strengths, and to increase and sustain one's sense of happiness and well being.

A sense of emotional well being

  • Frees one from the grasp of anxiety and fear
  • Provides a sense of security, a sense that one can handle things
  • Affords a sense of peace and calm, a way to be centered in a time of crisis
  • Enables one to be in touch with the spiritual side of their life
  • Fosters the ability to create loving, supportive, and rewarding relationships with family and friends

In our work together, we can establish a vision for where you want your life to go, and then move towards that vision in a way that is manageable, supportive, and that acknowledges your progress.

"Before I began meeting with Carolyn, I had true goal that many people have when they start therapy: to get help coping with personal problems that had arisen in my life. I was putting out small fires as they popped up, and I thought professional support would help me manage that better..." Read more

- former client

"I have found Carolyn to be a great help with my issues, and I believe we have together been able to address a lot of the roots of the issues in order to make positive change. From Carolyn, I've learned useful and often simple tools to get through difficult situations more easily..." Read more

- former client

"I worked with Carolyn on several areas of my life: challenges in the workplace, interpersonal relationships, improving my day to day habits to work towards short and long term goals, and getting to know how my mind works so that I can best support and recognize my needs. I am far happier and more organized than I was before seeing Carolyn..." Read more

- former client

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