Infidelity Counseling Durham NC can help you and your partner heal and grow stronger


Chances are if you've landed on this page, you've recently discovered your partner had a physical or emotional affair or in some way pushed past the boundaries of your relationship.

Or you may be the the partner who strayed. The moment of discovery may have opened your eyes to all you have risked -- your marriage, your family, and the life you hold dear. You, too, may feel shaken to your core.

It's Not as Hopeless as it Feels

The shock, confusion, and intense emotions following infidelity can feel overwhelming. So much so that it may seem impossible to believe that the relationship can survive.

Though it's hard to see past the devastation right now, surviving infidelity is possible. In fact, many of the couples I have worked with have been able to heal from the pain of an affair and build a much stronger, loving, and more connected relationship.

I can help you find a way to talk about the affair that allows for greater transparency and healing: what the infidelity means, why it happened, and if there are ways for you to heal your relationship and make it stronger.

This process can include many aspects, such as:

  • Stabilizing and surviving the devastating crisis
  • Determining if the marriage is worth saving
  • Figuring out the reasons why the affair happened
  • Coping with betrayal
  • Deciding whether and how to forgive
  • Becoming accountable, honest, and transparent
  • Understanding the specific emotional issues that impacted the breakdown of connection and intimacy in your relationship
  • Learning to trust again
  • Rebuilding your relationship

Wherever you are in the process, I can help. I have over ten years experience helping couples heal from the pain of an affair or betrayal.

"My husband and I came to Carolyn for couple's counseling. She helped us through a time of crisis in our marriage, and helped us regain solid footing through insights that we'll use for a lifetime. Carolyn has a great sense of humor, so our sessions were filled with laughter, not just tears! We found her to be gentle, caring, down-to-earth, and quick witted. She was great at making connections, remembering details from previous sessions, and coming up with solutions and ideas that fit our individual personalities. My husband and I still ask, "what would Carolyn say?" during trying moments... Read more"

- former client

"As a recently married couple expecting our first child, my husband and I were facing serious challenges as our life together became as 'real' as it had ever been. Specifically, we struggled with successfully managing conflict resolution in the midst of our newfound roles as parents in addition to life partners, who may not have acknowledged or been fully conscious of some of our challenges in the past. Carolyn has challenged us to be better partners to each other and, importantly, to seek to better understand ourselves in the overall context of our relationship... Read more"

- former client

"Carolyn Stevenson has made a huge difference in my life. My therapy with her helped me through my divorce, one of the toughest emotional experiences of my life. Her compassion and intelligence continue to feed my development and lead me to better understanding of myself and the people around me."

- former client

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