Premarital counseling - Congratulations on your engagement! Now let's build a strong foundation for your marriage with premarital counseling.


Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you're preparing for your wedding -- tasting cakes, choosing invitations, picking flowers -- it's also a great time to prepare for a healthy, happy, and resilient marriage.

I have over ten years experience helping couples build a strong foundation so that they can start off on the right foot. I enjoy helping couples talk about the issues that really matter in a safe, supportive environment, so that they can get on the same page about important issues and truly hear each other's needs and expectations about the relationship and the future.

Together, we can add to your strengths as a couple as well as provide the tools and skills that help address the important issues that arise marriages, including

  • communication and conflict resolution
  • children and parenting
  • in-laws
  • religious, spiritual, and philosophical beliefs
  • financial planning and budgeting
  • creating and defining a unique "couple culture"
  • romance and intimacy
  • stress management for planning your wedding

And, premarital counseling is also a great space to address fears you might have about marriage, whether these concerns result from your previous relationships, family background, or otherwise.

There is a lot to process as you join together two lives, two families, and two financial systems to create of a new family.

Premarital Counseling Packages

I look forward to helping you weatherproof your relationship. To do this, I offer three premarital counseling packages so that you can tailor the process to your needs and time-frame:

3 Sessions

  • 3 sessions of premarital counseling

5 Sessions

  • 5 sessions of premarital counseling
  • A free follow-up session at your first anniversary, as a gift

9 Sessions

  • 9 sessions of premarital counseling
  • Workbook provided
  • A free follow-up session at your first anniversary, as a gift.

"We started going to Carolyn soon after we got engaged. We agreed that premarital counseling was an excellent opportunity to strengthen the relationship before the big day. We weren't having any problems or anything when we went in, but nonetheless Carolyn has helped us see our way through hectic wedding planning, major career decisions, and helped us uncover some of the little details that shape our personalities and impact our relationship both positively and negatively. Carolyn has helped us grow closer during one of the busiest times in our lives and we're incredibly grateful. Thanks, Carolyn!"

- former clients

"Working with Carolyn has been wonderful for us. Her gentle, thoughtful approach has made us both comfortable as we've dealt with grief over the loss of a child and issues in our relationship. She's able to take time in a couples setting to care for our needs individually and as a couple. Our sessions always feel productive, sometimes in surprising ways. We regularly learn something new, gain a new insight, or just find an unexpected moment of joy and humor. We're very happy with what we've accomplished with Carolyn and very thankful for her help. We would recommend her highly."

- former clients

"My husband and I came to Carolyn for couple's counseling. She helped us through a time of crisis in our marriage, and helped us regain solid footing through insights that we'll use for a lifetime. Carolyn has a great sense of humor, so our sessions were filled with laughter, not just tears! We found her to be gentle, caring, down-to-earth, and quick witted. She was great at making connections, remembering details from previous sessions, and coming up with solutions and ideas that fit our individual personalities. My husband and I still ask, "what would Carolyn say?" during trying moments. I use the techniques she taught me throughout everyday life, not just when things feel hard. I can't recommend her enough."

- former clients

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