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Welcome to personalized mental health care accessible from anywhere in North Carolina. As a Harvard-trained therapist with over 20 years of experience, I specialize in offering mental health support, from Raleigh to Charlotte to Asheville and beyond. My approach is personal and compassionate, aimed at addressing the unique challenges and goals of individuals and couples. In our fast-paced world, I provide effective, confidential, and convenient online therapy sessions, fostering support, growth, and healing to fit your lifestyle and well-being needs.


FAQ About Online Therapy

What is Online Therapy

Online therapy, or teletherapy, is a virtual face-to-face meeting via computer, tablet, or smartphone. It's a real-time, interactive session, offering warm connection and flexibility.

How Does Teletherapy Work?

Upon booking an appointment, you can choose your preferred method of communication. For online therapy, I'll provide all the necessary logon details. It's recommended to be in a private space during your session to ensure comfort and the ability to talk freely.

Why Teletherapy?

Online therapy offers:

  • East of access for those with challenging schedules.
  • A preferred option for those who feel more comfortable with virtual sessions.
  • No commute, saving you time and hassle.
  • Accessibility, even if you're far from my office.

Scheduling A Virtual Therapy Appointment

Scheduling an online therapy session is easy. Simply choose a convenient time from my calendar and indicate your preferred preference for an online meeting.

"Carolyn's office is a cozy refuge where you are just as likely to laugh as to cry. With her warm, caring, and attentive ear, she will gently lead you to theraputical epiphanies, whether you are having a crisis or just trying to get through the week. Also, if your mental health issues are exacerbated by social injustice and/or the patriarchy, Carolyn is definitely the right therapist to see."

- former client

"Carolyn has supported me in individual counseling with her support and guidance. In my work with her, I have found that the safe place she creates for her clients means that it feels okay to explore our experiences and the many things we may be dealing with in our lives and that they can be interconnected. I've found it helpful knowing she believes that all people may need support, but especially more marginalized people in society. I appreciate that Carolyn can make reflections on what I may be thinking about that are particularly concise yet meaningful. Carolyn's genuineness provides for a deeper therapeutic relationship where learning and growth are possible."

- former client

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