Multi-Cultural, Intersectional, & Cross-Cultural Counseling


As an intersectional therapist, I try to be attuned to the interplay of culture, sexual orientation, race, gender, class, disability, and other identities. In addition to the importance of these factors in development, identity, and daily life, I also explore their impact throughout therapy:

  • Navigating multiple identities
  • Honoring clients' cultures
  • Dealing with various types of oppression as well as their internalization
  • Attending to the impact of these factors in relational, family, and communal concerns
  • Attending to specific issues such as 2nd-generational concerns, cross-cultural adoption issues, migrating from one culture to another, navigating dynamics within interracial couples, etc.
  • Working with issues of displacement and dislocation
  • Exploring identity development

Together, in a supportive environment, we can attend to whatever concerns you may have.

"Carolyn's office is a cozy refuge where you are just as likely to laugh as to cry. With her warm, caring, and attentive ear, she will gently lead you to theraputical epiphanies, whether you are having a crisis or just trying to get through the week. Also, if your mental health issues are exacerbated by social injustice and/or the patriarchy, Carolyn is definitely the right therapist to see."

- former client

"Carolyn is smart, insightful and a very good listener. She was able to help me notice negative thoughts and she gave me concrete, actual ways to change my behavior and to think about things in a different way. All of this has helped me be much less negative with myself... Read more"

- former client
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"My time working with Carolyn has helped me tremendously. She creates a relaxed environment where you can explore the full range of emotion and experiences of your life. As a therapist, she gracefully balances caring and non-judgment with humor and direct challenges... Read more"

- former client
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