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For couples considering long-term commitment or marriage, premarital counseling can be a very helpful way to examine and understand one's core beliefs and values as well as expectations about the relationship and the future.

Examples of issues that we can process together to help ensure a stronger relationship and marriage are

  • Financial and career expectations
  • Children and parenting expectations
  • Religious, spiritual, and philosophical beliefs
  • Sexuality and intimacy
  • Families
  • Commitment expectations
  • Daily life
  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Intimacy skills

"We started going to Carolyn soon after we got engaged. We agreed that premarital counseling was an excellent opportunity to strengthen the relationship before the big day. We weren't having any problems or anything when we went in, but nonetheless Carolyn has helped us see our way through hectic wedding planning, major career decisions, and helped us uncover some of the little details that shape our personalities and impact our relationship both positively and negatively. Carolyn has helped us grow closer during one of the busiest times in our lives and we're incredibly grateful. Thanks, Carolyn!"

- former clients

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