Gay-positive Psychological Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families


I proudly work with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender variant, and queer identified clients. I have over a decade of experience providing LGBTQ-affirmative counseling, with individuals, couples, and families.


Often, LGBTQ people seek psychotherapy for the same reasons straight people might -- to address problems in relationships, feeling depressed or anxious, or seeking to better understand themselves and their goals.

For some individuals, sexual orientation and identity issues may be the cause for depression, anxiety, and other emotional stressors. For example, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer people may wish to address issues related to coming out; coming out later in life; finding and building community; grappling with shame; building self-esteem; working on internalized homophobia, internalized transphobia, or intersectional concerns; dealing with religion-based sources of stress; attending to dating and relationships; managing relationships with families of origin; and exploring issues of spirituality. I provide a safe, warm, supportive environment in which to explore these issues.

Transgender and gender-queer individuals may seek guidance on issues such as navigating family and peer relationships before, during, and after transition; dealing with transphobia and misgendering; processing transitioning in the workplace. I will provide a secure space in which to grow into your authentic self.

For many people, none of the above labels apply. I am happy to work with people whose identities, lives and relationships go beyond the traditional boxes.


In addition to individual therapy, I enjoy working with gay couples and families. I am committed to helping same-sex couples and families strengthen their relationships.


Together, in a supportive environment, we can attend to concerns you may have, including nurturing same-sex relationships, engaging in same-sex marriage counseling and couples counseling, processing one partner's desire to transition, and thoughtfully exploring same-sex separations and divorces.


You may also want to address family concerns, including affirmatively raising lesbian, gay, bisexual, or trans youth; adopting children; parenting as a gay couple; blending families and gay stepfamilies; dealing with internalized homophobia, minority stress, and discrimination in a same-sex family; and amicably engaging in same-sex separations and divorces to decrease the impact on the children.

"Carolyn's office is a cozy refuge where you are just as likely to laugh as to cry. With her warm, caring, and attentive ear, she will gently lead you to theraputical epiphanies, whether you are having a crisis or just trying to get through the week. Also, if your mental health issues are exacerbated by social injustice and/or the patriarchy, Carolyn is definitely the right therapist to see."

- former client

"Carolyn has supported me in individual counseling with her support and guidance. In my work with her, I have found that the safe place she creates for her clients means that it feels okay to explore our experiences and the many things we may be dealing with in our lives and that they can be interconnected. I've found it helpful knowing she believes that all people may need support, but especially more marginalized people in society. I appreciate that Carolyn can make reflections on what I may be thinking about that are particularly concise yet meaningful. Carolyn's genuineness provides for a deeper therapeutic relationship where learning and growth are possible."

- former client

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