Bisexual Individual, Couples, & Family | Psych Therapy


I have over a decade of experience providing therapy to bisexual women and men. As with my work with lesbian women and gay men, I have a deep understanding about issues such as coming out, homophobia and heterosexism, same-sex relationships and families, internalized oppression, etc. I also have a deep understanding of concerns that bisexual women and men, in particular face, such as

  • Dealing with biphobia, bisexual erasure, and heterosexism from straight culture
  • Dealing with biphobia and bisexual erasure from as gay communities
  • Creating community
  • Processing internalized biphobia and heterosexism
  • The intersection of biphobia with other types of oppression, such as homophobia, sexism, race, ethnicity, and class


In a supportive environment, we can also address your concerns. Sometimes these concerns will center on your sexual identity and sometimes you’ll have other concerns about other issues -- such as relationships, couples counseling, parenting, anxiety, depression, getting general support -- but would like to work with someone who understands these other important factors in their life and has a affirmative bisexaul psychotherapy practice.

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